Trump: ‘If You’re Not Registered’ to Vote ‘Get the Hell out of Here’

‘Listen, leave right now and go and register’

"The deadline for voter — who is not registered? Is there anybody in here not registered? If you're not registered, get the hell out of here, okay? There's a nice looking young guy. Listen, leave right now and go and register. They just extended it for a little while, so right after — raise your right hand. Do you promise you're going to register after this? If you like what I say, okay? Seriously, I’m curious, who is not registered in this room? Okay, all the young people. Believe me, the young people like me better than Bernie, I'm telling you. (crowd cheering) Because with me, when you graduate from college, you're going to come out and you're going to have a vast array of jobs."

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