‘Morning Joe’ Panel Mocks White House Russia Policy

‘Literally, Putin wouldn’t take the call, he’s like “I got John Kerry here”’

Morning Joe Mocks White House Russia Policy (Washington Free Beacon)

The White House’s Russia policy was roundly mocked this morning on MSNBC by Morning Joe panelists Joe Scarborough, Cokie Roberts, and Dan Senor.

Scarborough said he found it hard to imagine the Clinton or H.W. Bush administrations being as negligent as today’s White House with respect to uniting Western Europe on tougher sanctions against Russia.

“I find it hard to believe [...] they wouldn’t have sent somebody over to be working with Angela Merkel’s top leaders to figure something out,” he said.

NPR correspondent Cokie Roberts agreed, adding the Obama administration should have been working with top European officials the moment demonstrations started in Kiev.

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