Duncan: It’s ‘Worth Considering’ Giving Athletes a Free Grad School Education

‘There’s a common sense middle ground in all of these things’

LOVE: "I think an educational trust. I just got out of graduate school, right? And I think that you know, you know graduate school cost me almost $200,000 bucks. You know, I think every student athlete who plays for a university should be able to go to the university, assuming that they can do the work, they should be able to be educated, graduate school."
DUNCAN: "I think that's really important. People talk about helping them graduate from college. Yes, they should do that. But MBA, masters, Ph.D., having some ability for the rest of your life to go back and get education, I think that's something worth considering. Some folks are talking about the medical expenses long term. I think that's a fair question on the table. But this chance to continue your education not just for a couple years while you're competing but for much longer beyond that."

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