Colbert: Mike Pence Might Be the Kind of Genius Who Doesn’t Lose a Billion Dollars

‘It was a big, big night for the Pence-Trump ticket’

COLBERT: "Man, that has got to be tough. As much as I disagree with Trump, the last thing I want is for the guy to feel like he's being overshadowed. Trump's very sensitive. People praising Mike Pence too much might push Trump over the edge. Then again, Mike Pence -- pretty great guy. I mean, he's just a strong, rock-hard specimen of a man. You just look at him and think "World Leader." And did you see his hands? They're massive! They're massive! Definitely, definitely the hands of a man who could keep a wife. I bet he could make some amazing deals. I mean, we all know Donald Trump's a genius, but Mike Pence might be the kind of genius who doesn't lose a billion dollars. I trust-- I trust Mike Pence so much, I wouldn't even want to see his taxes. Someone should give that guy a TV show. Does Mike Pence sell any hats? The point is, it was a big, big night for the Pence-Trump ticket. I'm sorry, I meant it was a huge night for Donald Pence. I mean -- I mean -- "

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