Rendell: Pence Won on Style But Kaine Won on Substance

‘Mike Pence denies knowing Donald Trump’

RENDELL: "Mike Pence denies knowing Donald Trump. (Laughter) It was -- it was unbelievable. I thought Mike Pence had a strong debate on style. I think Tim Kaine won on substance. He did a great job explaining the plan to deal with ISIS, plan to deal with the economic challenges. A good job explaining the debt. Mike pence lied when he said that Donald Trump didn't say that Putin was a strong leader, stronger than Obama. He denied he said that. He lied about abortion. He said that Donald Trump didn't say that women should be punished. I heard him say it with my own eyes interviewed by Chris Matthews. He lied about so many different things, nuclear weapons. He denied that Donald Trump said we'd be better off if other countries had nuclear weapons. So I think Mike Pence may have won the 90 minutes based on style."

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