Asked About First Votes in Congress, New Illinois Rep Is Stumped

Jesse Jackson Jr.’s successor Robin Kelly can’t recall her first congressional actions

Newly Elected #IL02 Congresswoman Robin Kelly Can’t Remember her First Two Votes (Legal Insurrection)

Robin Kelly, newly elected Democrat Congresswoman in Jesse Jackson, Jr’s Illinois district, has already cast two votes.

But, a few hours after these votes, she could not answer when a radio host asked her for what she voted.

In an interview Friday on local Chicago radio station WGN, Kelly was asked:

Radio host: “And what were your first two votes?”

Robin Kelly: “Oh, you had to ask me that hard question. One was on, um, rules, and, um, the other one was more — that’s a very good question — um, uh, regulatory.”

Radio host: “Close enough for the first day in office, I guess.”

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