Pence to Kaine: ‘Syria Today Is the Result of the Weak Foreign Policy that Hillary Clinton Helped Lead’

‘She was the architect of the Obama Administration’s foreign policy’


QUIJANO: "Governor Pence, let me ask you, you have said that Donald Trump is thoughtful, compassionate, and steady. Yet 67% of voters feel that he is a risky choice, and 65% feel that he does not have the right kind of temperament to be president. Why do so many Americans think Mr. Trump is simply too erratic?" 
PENCE: "Let me say first and foremost that senator, you and Hillary Clinton would know a lot about an insult-driven campaign. It really is remarkable, at a time when literally, in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, where she was the architect of the Obama Administration’s foreign policy, we see entire portions of the world, particularly the wider Middle East, spinning out of control. The situation we’re watching hour by hour in Syria today is the result of the weak foreign policy that Hillary Clinton helped lead in this administration and create. The newly emboldened aggression of Russia, whether it was in Ukraine or —" 

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