Daily Mail Columnist: Ralph Peters Is Wrong; Muslim No-Go Zones ‘Absolutely’ Exist in Europe

‘I’d welcome [Ralph Peters] to come here with me, try walking through Tower Hamlets for example here in East London’

VARNEY: "Come on in, 'Daily Mail' columnist Katie Hopkins. Let me ask you. You are based in Europe. Do these no-go zones actually exist? I’m defining a no-go zone as a place where the police are fearful to tread. What say you?"
HOPKINS: "I absolutely think they do exist. I would welcome your guest who says they don't. I'd welcome him to come here with me, try walking through Tower Hamlets here in East London or perhaps Bury Park in Luton. Those are definitely no-go zones, I think in France there are 751. They're called 'zones urbaines sensible', so kind of sensitive urban zones. The police won’t go there either."

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