Neera Tanden: We’re Seeing in Real-Time that Trump Is Not Capable of Dealing with the Stress of Being President

‘He’s showing us in real-time that he lashes out’

TANDEN: "I think the reality is that we are in day six of the meltdown. He did terrible — he had a terrible debate performance. Everybody sees that. He sees the state polls moving towards Hillary. 11 state polls were out this week. She’s beating him in every single one. He can’t take that. And so this is the latest meltdown. I think, if you want to have someone be commander-in-chief — we are seeing in real-time that Donald Trump is not capable of dealing with the stress of being president because he’s showing us in real-time that he lashes out. He attacks people. He says crazy things attacking her and her marriage when he has a history of — he’s on his third marriage. He’s had affairs. It’s a terrible thing."

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