WFB’s Continetti: ‘The Only Thing that Will Stop Trump Is if He Loses the Election’

‘Trump is Trump’

Continetti: ‘The Only Thing That Will Stop Donald Trump Is if He Loses the Election’ (The Washington Free Beacon)

Washington Free Beacon editor in chief Matthew Continetti  told MSNBC’s Chuck Todd on Wednesday that even after Donald Trump’s multiple campaign blunders, the only thing that will actually stop him is if he loses the election.

Todd asked Continetti why it seems so hard for Trump to apologize, even after he insults individuals or groups.

“I find it amazing as well,” Continetti said. “I think most of America and the world does. That’s who he is, and he’s never done it. He never will do it.”

He said that the framing of his campaign has also worked in his favor.

“And so, I do think, though, he framed the context of this pretty well for his purposes,” Continetti said. “When he said, ‘She is the insider, I’m the outsider. I am the change agent. She is the status quo.’”

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