Megyn Kelly Tears Kellyanne Conway to Bits over Trump’s History of Misogyny

‘You know he has repeatedly made comments about women — about their looks, about their size’

Megyn Kelly Tears Kellyanne Conway to Bits Over Trump’s History of Misogyny (Mediaite)

This is one interview that stands above the rest in a sea of truly intense Election 2016 interviews.

As you’ll recall, Megyn Kellywas dragged through the mud by Donald Trump for well over a year because she asked about his history of misogynistic quotes during a primary debate. Eventually, Fox News itself had to get involved and defend its star host. Knowing that he is capable of that didn’t stop her from engaging his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway on the same topic tonight.

Conway was the one who brought up “a couple of comments he’s made over 25 years or so with respect to women,” which Kelly pounced on.

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