Noah: Taliban Worries They Have Nothing To Blow up If Trump Becomes President

‘We may be terrorists but Donald Trump is going to end the world’

NOAH: "I wonder what the Taliban is thinking, you know, watching that debate. Even just seeing Hillary Clinton up there, how does the Taliban process that information. They probably have to cut out a burqa and just tape it over her side of the screen. And by the way, by the way, my favorite part of the story, and this is all true, is that the Taliban released a statement. This is completely true, calling Donald Trump a nonserious candidate who says anything that comes to his tongue. This is the Taliban. The Taliban. The Taliban sees Donald Trump, and even they think he is crazy. They're like, 'We may be terrorists but Donald Trump is going to end the world. Are you not seeing this? What are you thinking? You put him in charge, what are we going to have to blow up, nothing, there is nothing for us?' Truthfully, the Taliban wasn't really happy about anything that happened at the debates."

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