MSNBC: David Wildstein Testifies Chris Christie Not Only Knew About Traffic Jam But that It Made Him Laugh

‘Yesterday, Christie once again denied being involved’

BRZEZINSKI: "In the latest testimony in the bridgegate trial, a former high ranking appointee of new Jersey governor Chris Christie testified that his boss not only knew about the traffic jam while it was happening, but that it made him laugh. David Wildstein who has already pleaded guilty for his role in tying up traffic to get back at a small town mayor is now a star witness in the case. Wildstein told jurors that they met with Christie during the lane closures before 9/11 memorial ceremony and according to Wildstein, Christie was told about the tremendous amount of traffic in ft. Lee. Major traffic jams. You’ll be pleased to know the mayor is very frustrated Wildstein told the court. The governor laughed when he heard the news. One of the prosecutors asked Wildstein if they were bragging to the governor. Yes, very much so he said. We discussed how pleased we were the boss was happy. Yesterday Christie once again denied being involved. “I have no role in authorizing it. I had no knowledge of it. And there’s been no evidence ever put forward that I did.”

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