Noah to Trump: Only You Didn’t Know What to Expect, Everyone Else Prepared

‘I know if Trump becomes president there’s a high possibility he’ll destroy the world, but you have to appreciate these moments’

TRUMP [video]: "I just think it was very exciting overall. I thought the outset was great. You walk on. You don't know exactly what to expect."
NOAH: "No, Donald, you don't know what to expect! Everyone else prepared! Who is this guy? Who is he? He's like, you don't know what to expect. Are there going to be questions? People? I don't know! If only there was some way to know what was going to happen on the night. We'll see! You know, I know if Trump becomes president there's a high possibility he'll destroy the world, but you have to appreciate these moments. The man was spinning for himself. The equivalent of giving a wedding toast at your own wedding. Standing up being like -- let me tell you about the first time I met me, folks. No, but seriously, I'm the best. I'm the best. Here's to me, everybody. Here's to me."

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