Steve Rattner: ‘Markets Would Be Very Destabilized by a Trump Victory’

‘Markets would be very destabilized by a Trump victory’

RATTNER: "Markets would be very destabilized by a Trump victory. Markets may not be Hillary Clinton Democrats all of them, but they certainly believe that her politics are saying that. What you did see last night and didn’t get a lot of attention is they did get to each articulate a very different vision of what their economic policies would be. Donald Trump is talking about his tax cuts for the rich, trickle-down economics, try to start the economy from the top, massive budget deficits which he hasn't figured out how to pay for as part of it. And Hillary Clinton is talking about raising taxes on the rich in order to fund infrastructure, education and all these needs. So there was a very distinct set of visions out there, but I think it may be lost in all the atmosphere."

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