Jill Stein: ‘I Will Feel Terrible’ if Either Trump or Hillary ‘Gets Elected’

‘I don’t think they are different enough to save our jobs’

JACKSON: "What’s the trajectory going forward? If one of those two ends up in the White House, who would you be more scared to see in the Oval Office? You, personally." 
STEIN: "Personally, I will feel terrible if Donald Trump gets elected and I will feel terrible if Hillary Clinton gets elected."
JACKSON: "It's a 50/50 proposition for you?"
STEIN: "I don't think they are exactly the same, but I don't think they are different enough to save our jobs, to save our lives or to save our planet. Fortunately, we live in a democracy, we have more than two choices just on the power of millennials alone who are locked into student loan debt. 43 million voters locked in debt — that is enough to win the presidential race. If they learn that they have an option to come out and take over this election and win it, to cancel student debt, to make public higher education free and to ensure that we have emergency jobs program to solve the crisis of our economy and the crisis of our climate." 

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