Van Jones: ‘Donald Trump Has Botched an Incredible Opportunity to Reach out to African-Americans’

‘What you’ll see when this campaign is over is the biggest missed opportunity for the Republican party with black voters in a generation’

JONES: "Well, that's true. But I'd tell you what. Donald Trump has botched an incredible opportunity to reach out to African-Americans. I was saying many times in the fall..."
TAPPER: "Yes."
JONES: "... it is unnatural for one group to vote for one party 90, 94, 96 percent. There's a huge growth opportunity for Republicans. And you've seen the most inept, botched, failed, zigzagy out reach to African-Americans. So on the one -- on the one hand he sticks up for one of the shooting victims and then he tries to --"
TAPPER: "In Tulsa. Yes."
JONES: "In Tulsa. And he turns right around and says I want stop-and- frisk. Stop-and-frisk the most unpopular -- the least -- the least effective and the most alienating policy period in policing in 20 years."
TAPPER: "Found unconstitutional."
JONES: "Found unconstitutional. He reaches out for that. So, you know, you can criticize Hillary Clinton if you want to. What you will see when this campaign is over is the biggest missed opportunity for the Republican Party with black voters in a generation."

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