Krauthammer on Cruz Voting for Trump: ‘This Is Business as Usual’

‘This is about Cruz much more than it is about Trump’


"This is about Cruz much more than it is about Trump. And when he says it makes him a little cynical, I would have to say that that's an understatement. Should make you very cynical. I love the way that Cruz said after searching his conscience. Whenever a politician says he is searching his conscience, can you assume it was a quick search of a very small space I'm not saying anything personal about Cruz. But, remember, he and Trump were the outsiders. And what was their calling card from the very beginning? We don't act like the Washington insiders. We don't scratch each other's back. We speak our conscience. Et. Well, it turns out in the end that they do what you would expect of any other candidates which is why -- I mean, I don't denounce them or deplore what they are doing here. This is business as usual. But weren't they the candidates who were against the business as usual? And I like Trump's line. His line where he says we fought the battle. He was a Tunks brilliant opponent. At the time he was a tough and lying opponent. And now, apparently, he is a brilliant opponent. This is politics. This is exactly what you would. But it is not how they sell themselves."

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