Harry Reid Takes Shot at Tim Tebow’s NFL Career During Trump Rant

‘His professional career was kind of — wasn’t so good’

Harry Reid Takes Shot at Tim Tebow’s NFL Career During Trump Rant (The Washington Free Beacon)

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) took a strange shot at Tim Tebow’s mercurial professional NFL career on Tuesday during a screed against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Reid took to the floor to castigate Trump over, among other topics, the Donald J. Trump Foundation, which Reid said the business mogul used like an ATM. He relayed the report thatTrump paid $12,000 for a Denver Broncos helmet signed by Tebow, but he paid the bill with money from the charity.

“Tim Tebow, I’m sure, is a fine man,” Reid said. “His college career was terrific. Heisman Award winner. His professional career was kind of—wasn’t so good. But everything I know about the man, he’s a good person.”

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