PAUL: ‘Things Will Become Messier Even if Obamacare Is repealed’

On eve of vote, Rep. Paul renews call for letting Americans opt-out of government-run health care

Fox News Insider:


Striking down the health care law may not strike away all the bills tied to the law. A new report says that even if the high court throws the whole thing out Thursday, many states would already be on the hook for billions of dollars worth of parts that would still have to be implemented.

Ron Paul believes the government shouldn’t be in the health care business at all.

Congressman Paul (R-TX) discussed tomorrow’s health care decision on Your World, saying that the whole situation is a mess and will just become messier if the law is repealed. “What I always say is just let people opt out,” he said.

With or without this law, Paul said it’s going to be a difficult environment for doctors, but said the patient is the one that suffers.

“The patient should dictate everything, should pick and choose and spend the money and negotiate, but they have lost total control and the doctors don’t care that much.”

He concluded, “No matter what happens tomorrow, the patient is still going to suffer.”

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