Chuck Todd Presses Conway on Birtherism: This Has Been Part of Trump’s Identity

‘What I’m curious about is who cares about the Clinton incident?’

TODD: "What I’m curious about is who cares about the Clinton incident? Donald Trump for five years perpetuated this. This has been arguably part of his political identity for the last five years. What difference does it make whether Clinton did it? Forget Clinton. Why did he perpetuate it for five years?"
CONWAY: "Respectfully, I disagree. It makes a huge difference as to who started this. Hillary Clinton never saw Barak Obama coming in 2008. That was her campaign. She was going to win. He beat her in the primary fairly and squarely. Then they never saw Bernie Sanders coming. They haven’t seen our comeback of the last month. She’s not nimble, she’s not resilient. It’s expected she deserves it, it’s her turn. So I do think it matters where it started. Frankly, on this as he has been running for president of the United States, this year, Donald Trump has talked about every policy issue that there is."

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