Juan Williams: Hardship Exemption a ‘Fantasy’ Pushed by ‘Right-Wing Blogs’

‘This is a fantasy, a wish list being spread by the right wing blogs ... meant to sabotage ObamaCare’

O'REILLY: "All right, Juan, now, I just want to you stay in the realm of reality. The reason that this law was passed and the Supreme Court ruled it constitutional was to give every American a chance at health care."
WILLIAMS: "Right."
O'REILLY: "All right? It forces you to buy it. The uninsured get it subsidized for free. Now, you don't have to buy it if it's too hard, Juan. It's over."
WILLIAMS: "Let me just suggest to you this is a fantasy, a wish list being spread by the right-wing blogs that you have bought into and it's meant to sabotage ObamaCare."

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