Ex-DNC Chair: ‘Trump Is Having This Do or Die Conversion on the Eve of an Election’

‘He thinks that voters are going to take him seriously and think now all is well ... Not going to work’

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: "You know, Donald Trump is having this do or die conversion on the eve of an election. I mean, what -- this is so transparent, that he’s trying to play voters and assumes voters are the chumps that he thinks his customers were, that he’s cheated over and over and over again -- countless stories of customers that he’s cheated. And now he thinks that voters are going to buy that even though he perpetuated the birther myth that he started, I mean, that -- that he capitalized on for years after President Obama produced his birth certificate. He thinks that voters are going to take him seriously and think that he -- that now, you know, all is well and he’s cleansed -- not going to work, not going to happen."

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