JW’s Tom Fitton: Release of Clinton Emails ‘Could Significantly Hurt Her’

‘We don’t put the emails out there to effect the election but the consequences have been severe’

FITTON: "Oh, yeah. I think something already has. We don’t put the emails out there to effect the election. But the consequences have been severe. The CNN poll, Bill, with 62 percent of the people, think her server is an important issue about the presidency. And whether she is fit for the presidency or not. And the problem for Mrs. Clinton, people may have already basically drawn a conclusion about her honesty with respect to the server and whatever else may come out, it probably won’t help her one way or another but could significantly hurt her as people see more information, for instance, about the pay-to-play with the Clinton Foundation, the material. There are at least going to be to be two more releases on those topics the next six weeks."

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