Cokie Roberts Floats that Dems Are ‘Nervously Whispering’ About Clinton ‘Stepping Aside’

‘I’m sure it’s an overreaction about an already-skittish party’

Cokie Roberts Floats That Dems Are ‘Nervously Whispering’ About Clinton ‘Stepping Aside’ (Mediaite)

This morning on NPR’s Morning Edition, journalist and author Cokie Roberts indicated that many of the establishment Democrats may be getting antsy over the renewed speculation of Hillary Clinton‘s health.

Roberts’ comments come just a day after the former Secretary of State was forced to leave a 9/11 remembrance ceremony early due to an illness, amid reports from her campaign that she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday.

“It’s taking her off of the campaign trail,” said Roberts Monday morning, indicating that the pneumonia has forced Clinton to cancel her upcoming trip to California. But as for members of the Democratic party, “It has them very nervously beginning to whisper about her stepping aside and finding another candidate.”

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