Mike McCaul to Trump: I’d Urge ‘Caution’ on Allying with Russia Against ISIS

‘I think Russia is in there for another reason and that is to stabilize Syria to Assad’s advantage and to Iran’s advantage’

MCCAUL: "I was with Donald Trump yesterday at the memorial service, it was a moving service. I would urge caution on this one. I do think he's right that we have common interests with Russia as it goes to ISIS. If they're willing to strike ISIS and Syria, great. So far they've been hitting rebel forces more than ISIS, propping up Assad. I think Russia is in there for another reason and that's to stabilize Syria to Assad's advantage and to Iran's advantage. We have to be careful about this. I do think there is an opportunity to provide safe-havens and go after ISIS. Reagan talked about peace through strength. That's how we need to deal with Mr. Putin, strength through the military, strength in diplomacy. I think Donald Trump does understand that."


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