CNN: Hillary Clinton’s Emails with Colin Powell Released

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell told his successor, Hillary Clinton, that he used his own personal computer to communicate with friends and foreign leaders and sent emails without going through the State Department server

CAMEROTA: "Democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings releasing a 2009 e-mail exchange that backs up Hillary Clinton's claims that she sought advice on whether or not to use personal e-mail and devices from her predecessor as secretary of state, Colin Powell. Last month, Powell told 'People' magazine that Clinton's campaign was trying to, quote, pin her use of private e-mail on him and that she'd been using the private server for a year before she discussed it with him. But this new e-mail exchange reveals something quite different. Clinton asked him, quote, 'What were the restrictions on your use of your BlackBerry? Did you use it in your personal office? I've been told that the DSS personnel knew you had one and used it but no one fesses up to knowing how you used it. President Obama has struck a blow for berry addicts like us. Any and all advice is welcome.'"

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