Clinton Surrogate: ‘Voters Are Focused on the Issues’; The Media Is Focused on These ‘Fake Controversies’

Kucinich: ‘These aren’t fake controversies, just to be clear’

BOYKIN: “I think -- I think the voters are focused on the issues. I think the media is focused on these fake controversies. Yes, we can talk about — we can spend the whole campaign talking about controversies.“
KUCINICH: “These aren’t fake controversies, just to be clear.”
BOYKIN: “Well, yes, they are. We can talk over here."
KUCINICH: "No, they are not."
BOYKIN: "I’m in Florida right -- I'm in Florida right now, where Donald Trump paid $25,000 to the Florida attorney general Pam Bondi as some sort of hush money apparently to prevent him, prevent her rather from investigating his Trump University. So there’s a lot we could be talking about but the public wants to talk about the issues.”

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