Dean Complains About ‘Intellectually Lazy’ Press Coverage of Clinton Foundation

‘So we should penalize Chelsea and the 100 million people who have been helped by the Clinton Foundation, because of the obsession of cable television? I don’t think so’

Dean Complains About ‘Intellectually Lazy’ Press Coverage of Clinton Foundation (The Washington Free Beacon)

Hillary Clinton surrogate Howard Dean blasted the press on Friday by calling them “intellectually lazy” for the way they have been reporting on the Clinton Foundation.

MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin referenced a report from Thursday that said the State Department will be releasing Clinton’s detailed planning schedules from her tenure as secretary of state and handing them over to the Associated Press. Melvin asked Dean how worried he was about the schedule potentially delivering another negative headline about “pay-to play” allegations between the foundation and Clinton’s State Department.

Dean said there will definitely be headlines like this because it is what Republicans want. He also blamed the foundation coverage on the “intellectually lazy” press before pivoting his critique of Clinton Foundation reporting to Clinton’s involvement with the Red Cross.

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