MSNBC’s Joy Reid to Trump Surrogate: Don’t Use the Term ‘Illegals’ with Me

‘Steve, just, while you’re talking to me, can you not use that terminology?’

CORTES: "Joy, listen, I would have a softer tone on illegals. All right?"
REID: "Can you do me a favor? Steve, just, while you’re talking to me, can you not use that terminology? But go on." 
CORTES: "No, I will not do you that favor, because the English language matters. It matters that we use terms that are — they are illegal, they’re here illegally. We can’t get over that. My father came here legally."
REID: "My parents came here as immigrants too, Steve. You know what, my parents came here too so congratulations on that."
CORTES: "Millions of Hispanics came here legally, so no, I’m not going to agree to your terms and use code words, that’s absurd."
REID: "You just used a code word."

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