MSNBC: Trump Set to Meet with the President of Mexico

‘Trump and Mexico’s president will meet today in Mexico City’

BRZEZINSKI: "Ahead of his speech tonight on immigration. “The Washington Post” was first to report late last night that Trump and Mexico’s president will meet today in Mexico City. The “Post” reports the meeting will happen between a fund-raiser in California and his major speech on immigration in Arizona. Last night at about 10:30 eastern, trump confirmed saying I have accepted an invitation and look very much forward neating him tomorrow. “Post” reports that Pena Nieto extended the invitation to trump and Hillary. Among those advocating the trip, according to reports, for new campaign chief executive Stephen Bannon and New Jersey governor Chris Christie whose 2014 visit to Mexico was the precursor to his presidential campaign. The Mexican president added a personal message late last night saying “I invited the U.S. Presidential candidates to Mexico to discuss the bilateral relationship.” Tomorrow I welcome Donald Trump. I believe in dialogue to promote the interest of Mexico and the world and protect Mexicans wherever they are."

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