Will: ‘Not Fair’ to Define Trump by David Duke Any More than It Is to Define Hillary by 9/11 Truthers

‘But that doesn’t mean they’re taking over one of our great parties’

WILL: "I don’t think so, nor should it. There are about 320 million people in this country and a few of them are lunatics and/or vicious. And the alt right is probably both largely. But that doesn’t mean they’re taking over one of our great parties. They’re attaching themselves as a barnacle to a ship and they’re not defining the ship. We’ve seen this movie before. In 1964, the John Birch Society had about 100,000 members. And it was used to tar the Goldwater campaign. The Birch Society was run by a man named Welch who said that Dwight Eisenhower was an agent of the communist conspiracy. It’s not fair to define Donald Trump by David Duke of the Ku Klux Klan any more than it would be fair to define Hillary Clinton by some of her supporters who I guarantee you believe the United States connived at 9/11."

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