Sarah Palin: ‘Anything Trump Does’ on Immigration Is Better than Clinton

‘Anything that Trump does is better’

"Well granted, you just have to do your ABC’s — ‘Anybody But Clinton’ — to understand that no matter what Trump does on immigration, it’s going to be better than what Hillary will do, which is incentivize more illegals to come on over and continue this unsustainable, unaffordable and unfair incentivizing as we’re $200 trillion in unfunded liability in debt, our nation,” Palin said. “Hillary will employ practices just to perpetuate that. Anything that Trump does is better. But, why would it be that independents or right-thinking Democrats would want to come over to Trump’s side just based on this issue once they realize that our nation [is] in such, in such sinful debt as we’re leaving to our children and our grandchildren."

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