DeFrancesco Soto on Trump Softening on Immigration: He’s ‘Trying to Have His Cake and Eat It Too’

‘He wants to secure his base by staying true to his wall message’

DEFRANCESCO SOTO: "I think Donald Trump is trying to have his cake and eat it too. He wants to secure his base by staying true to his wall message. Last night at the rally here in Austin he was very firm about building the wall. But in the Hannity, we saw him softening a bit on deportation. Hey, deportation is something I’m not going to do, I want to be fair. Also the cost of it. It’s 400 to 600 billion to deport everybody. Keeping true to that build the ball message, is it going to stick? I don’t know. But I think right now he wants to cast the net as wide as he can in getting the more moderate Republicans, maybe even some Latino Republicans."

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