JW’s Farrell: Getting Hillary to Talk About the Email Server Under Oath Is an ‘Enormous Victory’

‘The fact we’ve got under oath when no one else in the country has, is an enormous victory’

FARRELL: "Well, the good news is we are the only people to include the FBI who have ever gotten Hillary Clinton under oath to talk about her e-mail server. No one else has accomplished that except judicial watch. And while we would have preferred live testimony in a deposition, we will nail her down with these questions, these written interrogatories. and if she's evasive, if her lawyers, you know, do this excruciating parsing of words, we'll go back to the judge. Nothing precludes us from going back to the judge and say, look, she's being, you know, misleading, or she's parsed this out in a way that's unintelligible. I respect the judge enormously, but the fact that we've gotten her under oath when no one else in the country has is an enormous victory."

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