Clarke: #BLM Doesn’t Care About Black Lives, They Only Care About Political Power

‘They don’t care about anybody’s life’

CLARKE: "Well, that's typical of the phony phony nature of these groups. look, he's an elitist, he's in Martha's Vineyard and they're struggling down there. They're resilient down there in Louisiana. They didn't wait around for him to do anything and like you said, he was pressured to go down there. he's do the obligatory thing now that the vacation is over. he'll do the photo-op. hug a couple of people and get on air force one and go about his day. Look, the Black Lives Matter, they don't care about anybody's life. They only care about political power. There's George Soros -- this funded operation has exploited people for purely political power. I'm not shocked. i told you this was a political construct, it had nothing to do with black lives. This was on organized effort for the 2016 election to mobilize black votes."

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