CNN’s Stelter on La. Floods: Media Must Focus More on Climate Change Angle

‘These events are happening more and more often due to climate change’


HOLTHAUS: "This time last week, we were hear about Twitter, mostly, and I think that this is the sort of disaster that we're going to start seeing more of. That's what worries me. That's what the underlying story that's missed, even here today. We still have anonymous storm, that's hit a relatively anonymous place, there's been a lot of disasters, there's a lot of fatigue in the media about Louisiana, the flooding. At the same time --" 
STELTER: "And then they ask for donations, et cetera, et cetera, and as you point out, it's not got to be connected to climate change, that these events are happening more and more often due to climate change. Great to see you, thank you for being here."

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