Dan Bongino Has Profanity-Laced Meltdown with Reporter

‘You’re a real disgusting piece of sh*t’

CAPUTO: "You are not. You are not registered voter in the district. So let's see, you moved down to Florida after losing two campaigns in Maryland ... You go and look around district 18, you see you are not going to be able to win here. You try to win in district 19, you lose there. You are like a real professional candidate who--" [cross-talk] 
BONGINO: "You are a disgusting real piece of shit--"
CAPUTO: "--loses there. You just loose."
BONGINO: "--because you have no idea why  moved to Florida--"[cross-talk]
CAPUTO: "I know you moved here and you wanted to run --"
BONGINO: "Hey, shut the fuck up!"
CAPUTO: "Oh, Dan, why are you yelling now?"
BONGINO: "Go, fuck yourself, you piece of shit. You don't know why I moved to Florida, you motherfucker."

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