Carville Brings up Gennifer Flowers During Discussion of Clinton Email Scandal

‘Anything that you do in politics, you could say that we handled the Gennifer Flowers story well or that we handled this well’

Carville Brings Up Gennifer Flowers During Discussion of Clinton Email Scandal (The Washington Free Beacon)

Democratic political strategist James Carville drew parallels with Hillary Clinton’s handling of her email scandal on Monday to how the 1992 Bill Clinton campaign dealt with the bombshell Gennifer Flowers story.

Carville, who was the lead strategist on President Clinton’s successful 1992 bid for the White House, appeared on NBC’s Today and was asked about the latest turn in Hillary Clinton’s email saga: Former Secretary of State Colin Powell telling People that Clinton was trying to “pin” her email woes on him.

Clinton told the FBI it was Powell who advised her to use a private email, but Powell only used a personal account for unclassified information and did not have a home-brewed server like Clinton’s.

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