Attorney on Ryan Lochte: Brazilian Police ‘Falsely Imprisoned,’ ‘Extorted’ Him

‘I think everybody has lost their mind’


SAVIDGE: "Let me bring in Richard. The apology. We've read it. It may have been written by him, may have been written by his lawyers. Do you think his endorsements could be in jeopardy as a result of all of this? 
HERMAN: "Incredibly it might be. But I think everybody has lost their mind, must be drunk saying he's going to get the 5% of the black vote. Listen, Marty, please. What happened. The boys had a few cocktails, they went out, went to a gas station, there were no bathrooms, they went in the back behind bushes, coming out there was a lose sign on a wall, apparently Lochte removed it. That's it. In the United States those are low level violations or misdemeanors. Low level. What happened next? Armed security guards surrounding them falsely imprisoned them, pointed a firearm at their head. That's assault with a deadly weapon and extorted them for $400 so they could leave. Now apparently in Brazil that's proper procedure and everybody is accepting that. And then what did they do? They extorted this guy for $10,600 so he could leave the country on a busted sign. This is outrageous." 

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