Flashback: Obama Ripped Bush’s ‘Unconscionable Ineptitude’ During Hurricane Katrina

‘If there’s any bright light that has come out of this disaster, it’s the degree to which ordinary Americans have responded with speed and determination even as their government has responded with unconscionable ineptitude’

Flashback: Obama ripped Bush's 'unconscionable ineptitude' during Hurricane Katrina (Washington Examiner)

President Obama, under fire for golfing on posh Martha's Vineyard during a week of anguished cries for help from flooded Louisiana, ripped former President Bush 11 years ago when the Republican was seen as slow to react to Hurricane Katrina's crash into New Orleans.

Obama, who had just returned from New Orleans, preached on the Senate floor about Bush's poor reaction to similar cries for help during Katrina.

"I can say from personal experience how frustrating, how unconscionable it is, that it has been so difficult to get medical supplies to those in need quickly enough," said Obama according to a transcript still being promoted on the internet.

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