Trump on Clinton Foundation: ‘Let’s Give Them the Benefit of the Doubt’

‘They should give the money back, and I’ve been saying this for a long time’

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HANNITY: "I want to get into this, because this is a really important question. You talked about countries that live under Sharia and about people that want to come here from countries. If you grow up, for example, in Saudi Arabia, which gave the Clinton foundation up to $25 million. The Clinton Library, $10 million. And I can’t find any instances where Hillary criticized them. Women can’t drive, women are told how to dress, if they can go to school or if they can go to work. We know gays and lesbians in Saudi Arabia can get the death penalty. You can’t build a Jewish temple. There’s a guy over here with a sign that says 'Jews for Trump,' and you can’t build a Christian church. Would you ever take money from a country that treats gays, lesbians, Jews, and Christians that way?"
TRUMP: "Well, you don’t want to do that. If they knew about it, that would be one thing, and I assume they knew about it -- big league -- certainly they know about it now, so maybe they can give the money back. I’ve actually called —"
HANNITY: "Wait, they knew about it. That’s been Saudi Arabia’s practice for years."
TRUMP: "You know what, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt."
HANNITY: "You’re giving Hillary the benefit of the doubt, I’m not."
TRUMP: "You know what, you know what, they should give the money back, and I’ve been saying this for a long time."
HANNITY: "Should they give the money back? What does it say, though —" [ crowd chanting, "give it back"] What does it say, she claims to be the champion of women’s rights, gay and lesbian rights, freedom of thought and religion."
TRUMP: "There’s a whole phony deal going on, and I have to say when we were talking about Benghazi, I don’t know if everybody remembers it, I remember it, at 3:00 in the morning essentially who do you want to be at that phone at 3:00 in the morning. We have some people — I’ll be up, I’ll tell you that. She was not too effective."
HANNITY: "Well —"
TRUMP: "Amazing thing, because that was a big ad and everybody made a big deal, should be there at 3:00, she wasn’t there."
HANNITY: "This was 4:00 in the afternoon."
TRUMP: "She had a certain friend that was contacting her routinely all day and all week and all the time, routinely, 600 messages trying to get through, different forms of message, and not one of those messages got through."

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