Charlie Sykes: Trump Is Not Going To Change

‘The reality is that when you endorse Donald Trump ... you made yourself hostage to every single insult’

SYKES: "Well, I mean, I have been urging them to do this for months. And in fact, you know, it's obnoxious to say, I told you so, but the reality is that when you endorse Donald Trump you bought into all of this. You made yourself hostage to every single tweet, every single outrage, every single insult. (Laughter) And now they are tied up to it. And how do they get the stink off of themselves? And I don’t know. But I do think that you’re really starting to seeing the guys looking around going the only way we survive is by distances ourselves from this guy. What will it take? And I asked Paul Ryan this question many, many times directly. You know, and he says, well, my endorsement is not a blank check. And I said, well OK. Is there a some point at which that check expires? Which, you know it's returned by the bank? And he says, well of course there is. Well, we haven't actually seen what that is but Trump is saying I'm going to ride this thing all the way down, I am not going to change, I'm going to be who I am. So, we may get an opportunity to find out what is that bright line?"

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