EJ Dionne: Trump’s Tax Cuts Makes Reagan Look Like a Democrat

‘These are steep tax cuts for the wealthy, getting rid of the inheritance tax ...’


DIONNE: "I saw — I thought there was more growth and sort of forward-looking stuff in the Clinton plan than David was. I was particularly struck that she began her speech by talking about the inventiveness of companies in Michigan and how they were taking advantage of change. And it reflected this issue that Democrats have to deal with. They want to sort of talk about how things are a lot better than they were eight years ago — and they really are — but if they say that too much, they look out of touch with all the people who are hurting, whereas Trump, I thought, if you listened carefully, he’s giving the words to the workers and money to the rich. The tax cuts that he has sort of make Reagan look like a — you know, almost like a Democrat. I mean, these are steep tax cuts for the wealthy, getting rid of the inheritance tax, the estate tax, which would be particularly good, as Hillary Clinton loves to point out--" ...

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