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Rep. Mike Rogers: Don't Underestimate the 'Kinds of Things Putin Will Do'
'He wants to be a world influence, and if he has to do it through brute-force, he's going to do it'

Rep. Rogers: ‘Don’t Underestimate The Kinds of Things Putin Will Do’ (Mediaite)

House Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Rogers(R-MI) warned This Week With George Stephanopoulos co-host Martha Raddatz Sunday morning not to underestimate how far Russian President Vladimir Putin was willing to go in his aggression toward Ukraine. 

“Domestically, he doesn’t have a lot going on,” Rogers said. “That’s a problem. He is scoring huge points on the foreign policy. That has bolstered his ability to try to be, you know, a little bit out of the box when he does something like put troops in the Crimea.”

“He wants to be back on the world stage, he wants to be a world influence,” Rogers said. “If he has to do it through brute force, he’s going to do it; that’s his mentality. We shouldn’t underestimate the things he will do that he thinks are in Russia’s best interests. Up to date we thought it was a different century, and the administration thought if we just act nice, everyone will act nice with us. That’s not way that Putin and the Russian Federation sees the rest of the world.”

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