MSNBC Anchor Snaps at Ex-Trump Staffer ‘I’m Not Going to Allow That!’

Ruhle: ‘You’re saying the media is only covering what Hillary Clinton wants’

‘I’m Not Going to Allow That!’ MSNBC Anchor Snaps At Ex-Trump Staffer (Mediaite)

MSNBC dayside anchor Stephanie Ruhle was speaking with two Donald Trump supporters today, and ended up locking horns with one of them for insinuating that she’s advancing Hillary Clinton‘s talking points.

Trump adviser Barry Bennett and former Trump staffer Michael Caputo appeared on MSNBC Live, where Ruhle engaged them on recent reports of frustration and a potential implosion in the Trump camp. The conversation eventually turned to Trump’s feud with Khizr Khan, and Ruhle asked about whether campaign chairman Paul Manafort truly has the campaign under control, when the controversy is proving to be yet another distraction from the campaign’s core message.

Caputo rejected reports of the Trump campaign’s chaos, and said that the reason the rumors are getting so much play is because “the media is covering what Hillary Clinton wants.”

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