Schake Dodges on Clinton’s Poor Poll Numbers on Trustworthiness

‘Well, you know, I think what we saw last week, we had a great convention in Philadelphia’

Schake Dodges on Clinton’s Poor Poll Numbers on Trustworthiness (The Washington Free Beacon)

Kristina Schake, the deputy communications director for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, dodged a question Tuesday from MSNBC host Kate Snow on how Clinton can overcome her low poll numbers showing that most Americans view the Democratic nominee as dishonest and untrustworthy.

“This is coming as Clinton still deals with some trust issues. There’s a recent CNN poll that found that 68 percent of Americans say that she’s not honest and trustworthy,” Snow said. “How do you get that number up if people still have this perception that she’s not fully being truthful?”

Schake did not address the poll or Clinton’s trust issues, instead talking about the Democratic National Convention and campaign talking points.

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