Ghazala Khan Becomes Emotional on ‘Morning Joe’: ‘I Love My Soldiers - I Will Take Care of Them’

‘I have responsibility for them; I won’t quit that responsibility’

G. KHAN: "On Mother’s Day, in 2004 in May he called me ... just to say happy Mother’s Day. I was just talking to him, asking please stay safe. Don’t go running around. Don’t be a hero because I knew him. He had the habit of bringing people together and bringing good out of it — you know, he used to bring good things in every person he met. We have a lots pf examples that he always brought the people together. That’s way I asked him to be because I knew he would do something that would be hard for me. But he said mom, I have a responsibility for my soldiers, for my regiment and my people. I have responsibility for them. I won’t quit that responsibility. I will love — I love my soldiers, so I will be — I will take care of them."

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