Rove: Hillary ‘Incomprehensible’ on Gun Control

‘This really is, frankly, more about symbolism than it is real action’

ROVE: "She is, frankly, incomprehensible on most things when it comes to gun control. She makes several points on her website. She wants to ban, quote, “military-style weapons.” Well, what are those? Are those hunting rifles that have more than one cartridge in the rifle at any given time? And how is she going to do that, confiscate everybody who’s got an AR-15 that they use for — today lawful purposes? She talked about expanding the ability of trial lawyers to sue gun manufacturers. That’s not — got nothing to do with gun control. That is benefiting a particular interest of the Democratic Party and a funder of her campaigns. And then she talked about terror lists and no-fly lists. Well, we have a comprehensive bill before Congress that has drawn bipartisan support, supported by Senator Cornyn. Throw her support behind that. This really is, frankly, more about symbolism than it is real action."

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