Reihan Salam: Trump’s Case for Pessimism’ Made a Lot of Sense to GOP Primary Voters

‘Does it makes sense for people outside of that universe?’

SALAM: "If you look at Donald Trump and why the tone of the convention was so pessimistic it makes perfect sense when you look at his thesis as a candidate in the Republican primaries. The folks who flock to him even if they were reasonably well off or middle class, were people who felt like the 21st century had basically been a disaster. When you have people who compare themselves to, let’s say, men, who compare themselves to their fathers at the age they are now. And when they look at their status, when they look at their stability, the other things they enjoyed in their lives and look at themselves ... Donald Trump’s case for pessimism, it makes a lot of sense to the people who won him the GOP Nomination. Does it makes sense for people outside of that universe?"

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